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Friday, August 05, 2005


I feel like a 4-year old with a brand new box of crayons.

It's got audio! It's got video! It's got click-through buttons that
let you donate directly to Migritude (see "Work" page). You can buy
chapbooks online. It's got bios, new writing, photos, poems,
downloadable headshot, press clips, every newsletter, essay, rant,
all in ONE PLACE!!

It's been designed, by the amazing Christine Wong Yap,
to load quickly, and be accessible to blind / low vision viewers,
with scalable text.

Every aspect of the design is rich with personal significance for me.
The background, banners, and navigation bars are scanned fabric and
borders from my favourite saris. The photos were taken by artists
whose work I love. The writings were selected to reflect the range of
my work, the different stages of my career, the subjects I'm
passionate about. The links throughout the site represent the ever-expanding web
of community I create in, and for, and feel
humbled and privileged to belong to. The quotes from my hero,
Arundhati Roy, encapsulate the vision I hold for my work.

Check out the audio link to the KQED broadcast of work-in-progress
from Migritude (Work>Audio). See the Oakland Tribune profile (Press Kit>Press
Clips). Scan the past newsletters for poems you may not have seen, reflections
on the Nov 2004 election, my hymn of
jubilation at regime change in Kenya in 2003 (News>Newsletters).

Click on the "Work" section to read about the conception and journey
of Migritude, and all the incredible people and organizations who
have been a part of her development. Follow the links to access their
work. See how you can become a part of Migritude's ongoing momentum.

Go to the Contact Shailja page, and send me an email telling me what
you think.

In community,
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